Hey all,

Hope you enjoyed the game yesterday.  Just for fun, if you are a KC Chiefs fan, sport your gear on Sunday, Feb. 11!

I was doing some reading this morning and found an interesting post on Church Answers.  As you know, there is a rift in the Methodist church over gender identity and homosexuality.  It has led to a split in the denomination with a new group forming called the Global Methodists.  It is growing quickly not just here in the US but around the world where most conservative Methodists live.  The staff at Church Answers offered up the following in prayer for the new group:

  1.  That they look forward and not backwards.  While this is a good thing for the new group it is also good for us at MABC as well.  You have heard me say it before but let’s not live in the past.
  2. Pray for a rekindling of evangelistic fires. I will touch on that this coming Sunday.  For those of you concerned that I am going to put you all out on the streets to do evangelism, “fear not!”  There are many of ways for each of us to do outreach.
  3.  Pray that these new churches will attempt new and great things for His glory.  As a church seeking revitalization, this should be our aim as well.
  4. Pray that they will work in unity. The author says they may not agree on every detail  but that they keep the main things the main thing.  We heard that this past Sunday!
  5. Finally, pray that they have courage.  When the Israelites were getting ready to take the Promised Land Joshua was told “fear not for I am with you wherever you go.”  I pray the same thing for us.  Let’s have courage in carrying out the Great Commission because Jesus promised to be with us always.

Have a great week.  Begin praying specifically for three people you know that need to have a saving relationship with Jesus.   We will tap into that as we get closer to Easter.

Pastor Rick