Meridian Avenue Baptist Church

Meridian Avenue Baptist Church is dedicated to advancing missions at home and worldwide.

Partner with us to create positive change in the world around us and explore the impact we’re achieving together.


GORDON and LEE ANN are serving Oasis Chapel in Rifu, Japan, to reach families for Christ. 

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Murrow Indian Children's Home

Murrow Indian Children’s Home provides a safe, nurturing environment, spiritual foundation, and cultural experience.

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The American Baptist Churches of the Central Region is a voluntary association of autonomous Baptist churchesglorifying God through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Every Life, Born And Unborn, Has Value Because Of Its Creator.

Men and women at Embrace hear the truth and hope of Jesus Christ in every service empowering them to choose life for their unborn children and eternal life in Jesus Christ. Many clients have never even heard the gospel before coming to Embrace!

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