Matthew 24:35 – “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

     I had set my alarm to wake me at 5:00 AM, November 18th, 1966.  The local newspaper said that the Leonid Meteor Shower would be exceptional that year and I was eager to view it.  A good meteor shower is one where 10 to 15 meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere over the period of one minute.  On that incredible morning thousands of meteors fell every minute creating bountiful luminous trails to mark their paths.

     I had taken a few steps outside the rear door of my childhood home before I looked skyward.  Having looked up I froze in place in astonishment; completely unprepared for the stunning display overhead. 

     Moving further into our backyard; I craned my neck in an effort to look straight up.  The streaks of light appeared to be falling in a circle around me.  As rivulets of light began to fade others would appear to take their place.  Words like phenomenal and breathtaking fail to convey the beauty in the skies that morning and all too soon the pageant ended as our planet’s movement took us out of the comet’s tail.

     I consider myself blessed for having the opportunity to witness this remarkable event; an event unlikely to occur again. 

     It was an incredible few minutes looking into the sky, but like many other events, very brief.  So many things in our lives are fleeting moments, moments that only continue to exist in our memories.  Christ’s words are eternal, as are those of the most High God.  Let us fondly remember special fleeting moments in our lives but always cling closely to the eternal Word.