Meridian Avenue Baptist Church

Romans 8:16, The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

     I once saw a child swatting down and poking a plant with her finger.  Moving closer I saw why she was interested in the plant; it was responding to her touch.  Her playfulness introduced me to the mimosa pudica.  The mimosa pudica is also known as the sensitive plant and also as the bashful plant.

     When another organism touches the mimosa pudica its leaves fold in upon themselves and the stems droop.  This is supposedly a reaction that is to deter animals or insects from feeding upon it.  The rapid folding of the leaves is almost hypnotizing to watch, enough so that I also have often played with the plants when I happened upon them.

     Christians, when touched by the Holy Spirit, react with an opening up rather than a closing as the plant does.  Only by the touch of the Holy Spirit can the Christian fully open to the potential that is within them; potential that is there because of their encounter with the Spirit.

     In some ways people are like blossoms; closed upon themselves due to their need for Christ.  Having asked Christ into their lives, and receiving the Holy Spirit, they begin to grow and open their petals of a new life in Him.  Empowered with the gifts of the Spirit they are able to then plant seeds of faith in the lives of others for they have become the children of God.

     More can be learned about the mimosa pudica, and a slow motion video of their response to touch, can be found at this link.