Psalm 107:1 ESV  –  Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.

I think about it often, when I’m reminded, for example, when one makes a claim such as: it was a good movie… I’m thinking, good? What makes it good? Was it a Godly movie? The cake is so good, is it good? What makes it good? The way your tongue and senses respond to sugar and textures? Is this your understanding of “good” and “goodness”? I think too much, of course, it’s a figure of speech nowadays and the word is used for many things, some that are wicked… A “good time” could mean something totally different depending on the individuals involved.. but really, we all ought to ask ourselves and consider with one another, what is “Good” As Christians, we know or should know, Jesus said there is none Good but God alone. Let’s start with that alone and let that be our measurement and scale to weigh “goodness”. Does it honor God, is it glorifying God and the Gospel message of peace and reconciliation? Is it teaching wisdom, discretion, discernment? Charity, Patience, Self-Control, Long-suffering? Meekness or humility? Woe to those who teach Evil as Good and Good as Evil. We need to get it straight and do not hold back our voices, but lift them up as a trumpet, be wise as serpents And gentle as doves, for we are sent out as Sheep Amidst the Wolves.

The above is a Facebook public media posting, dated 4/27/2023, by Sean Keith Gray.