ohn 1:16-17 (NRSVue)  From His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.  The law indeed was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
     The following is a quote from Rev. Laura Harris-Adam.
     I’ve always been drawn to the word grace. Even as a young child, I noticed how adults would say this word with reverence. Grace has always seemed to be a gentle word. It’s not loud like “almighty” or “power.” Grace has a quietness about it, like it should be whispered. We have this impression of grace, that it is something to be grateful for, something to revere, something humble yet powerful in its own way. But I wonder sometimes if we truly understand grace. Grace—the unmerited favor or the goodwill of God which we have not earned. In spite of all that is broken in our world and even though we are all sinners who fall short, God continues to offer us grace. This verse from John declares: “We have all received, grace upon grace.” Grace may not be bold or loud, but grace may be the most transformative thing God offers us. God’s greatest act of grace is becoming human, offering us more than we could ever earn—new life in Christ.

     Meridian Avenue Baptist Church will be promoting the American For Christ (AFC) throughout the month of March.  This is one of the four special offerings that are promoted through our entire denomination every year.  The goal of this annual offering is to raise funds to support American Baptist missions and ministries through our churches and community partners across the United States and Puerto Rico.     The funds raised will be used to support our American Baptist regions and churches, as well as community organizations, through grants.  Some of the ways that the grants will be used is to provide aid for children living in poverty, create new and innovative ministries, develop church leaders and by promoting discipleship.
     Meridian Avenue Baptist Church has set a goal of $1,200 for the America for Christ offering. Please give joyously to the America for Christ offering.