Uncertainty is a familiar human condition.  We all have periods of lacking direction and being without a compass to guide us. 

     One thing that I have learned in my Christian walk is that if God sends you to do something then you had better commit to the task with all of your ability.  If God is for it, if it is his will and you devote yourself to the task then he will open doors before you.  On the other hand, if you enter into His will with half hearted effort or uncertainty then be prepared for a great deal of frustration.  God does not appear to reward our lukewarm effort towards any of his goals.

     Pastor Dick’s series on Elijah, and how he boldly acted upon God’s instruction, reflects a proper response to the most high God.  Jonah is a good example of running away from what is expected of us.  Yes, Jonah did eventually submit to God’s will, but it took some unique encouragement from God before Jonah was ready to yield.

     Be courageous and follow God’s will as he reveals it to you.