Julie P. recently said that the most important thing that we, the church, should be doing is to bathe our church in prayer.  To bathe means to immerse in water, to clean oneself with soap and water.  The word bathe, when used as a verb, indicates an active participation in the cleaning, immersing process.  To bathe our church in prayer is a prayer process that means intentional and thorough cleaning.

     Here are seven ideas of how to go about how to bathe Meridian Avenue in prayer.  Feel free to expand on this list below as the Spirit leads you in prayer.

1.      Pray for unity in the church.

Pray that God will help us to set aside any differences we may have as we look to serve the greater cause that is Christ.

2.      Pray that God will be glorified in all things that we as a church do and that Christ is continually exalted.

Pray that we as a church may make a difference in this world for the glory of Christ and for God’s purpose.

3.      Pray that God’s Spirit and power will fill the church.

Pray that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.

4.      Pray that the church would be faithful to go into all of the world and share the gospel of Christ.

Pray that we are bold in saying that Jesus paid the price of our redemption and for us to never take the gift of his love, in our behalf, for granted.

5.      Pray for those who serve in church leadership.

Pray that every leader of this church, and churches around the world, have their hearts and minds directed towards Christ.

6.      Pray for God’s power and protection against the attacks of the enemy.

The enemy we combat is strong but the power of God is far stronger.  Pray that each of us is sheltered in His strength against the enemy of the church.

7.      Pray that the church is awakened and is stirred into action.

Pray that each of us is awakened and that we live aware, listening to God’s words, and willing to make a difference in the lives of others.