Church Accompanist

Employment Opportunity

Contact Worship leader: Steve Brosius

Call or text: 316-302-2655


Duties include:

  • Wednesday evening (5:30p-7:00p)
    • Preliminary practice with Director of Worship
    • Practice with soloists/ensembles
    • Practice with choir beginning at 6:00p (6:30p during the summer)
  • Sunday practice with Worship team (9:45a)
  • Sunday morning service (10:30a-11:45a)
    • Prelude (chosen by accompanist)
    • 2-3 Praise and Worship Songs (chosen by Worship Team leaders)
    • Offertory (chosen by accompanist)
    • Doxology (standard)
    • 2-3 Hymns (chosen by pastor/Director of Worship)
    • Possible Soloist/Choral Ensemble Music Special/Organ music special
    • Postlude (chosen by accompanist)
  • Possible Christmas or Easter program per year
  • Accompanying occasional special events not listed above (for example: funerals, weddings, seasonal services & programs)


  • Experience accompanying a choir or large ensemble
  • Able to practice the music outside of the above designated times
  • The ability to learn choir pieces in a 4-week (or shorter) time frame
  • The ability to learn Praise & Worship songs in a 1-week time frame (YouTube clips of music, if available, would be provided along with sheet music)


  • The ability to read lead sheets is strongly recommended
  • The ability to sight-read hymn songs is recommended
  • The ability to improvise is recommended

Meridian Avenue Baptist Church pays the employee of the position:

  • $150/week (Wednesday + Sunday) for the first three months
  • After 90 days, the employee will be granted two weeks (Wednesday + Sunday) of paid leave over the course of one year and each year thereafter. Pay will also increase to $200/week
  • Payments for services outside of Wednesday evening and Sunday morning are as follows
    • Weddings and Funerals – typically, the church is not involved as payment for services rendered are usually handled by the families through the Wedding or Funeral Coordinator
    • Seasonal Services/Programs (i.e. Good Friday, Christmas Eve Candlelight, children’s Christmas Program, etc.) – $50 per service/program


Checks are remitted by the church after the 15th and final day of every month.


Also, after each year, a review will be made by the Director of Worship regarding job performance, including a possible raise in wages as permitted by the appropriate committees and Leadership Team.

It is the church’s expectation that the employee presents him/herself well in appearance and conduct when in the church. Conduct outside of the church may also influence the terms of employment.

Meridian Avenue Baptist Church has the right to terminate this position at any time it deems necessary be it for any reason.