Good Monday Morning MABC family and friends!

What a great weekend other than the heat! Sherry and I thoroughly enjoyed our first “Market Place” event at church.  While raising a little over $1600 for youth camping is good, for us connecting with our neighborhood was very exciting!  We saw a lot of people go through the facility, there were over 183 sales tickets and most likely – counting families – contact in some form with around 500 people. Awesome!

Sunday was really our stepping off point into the Book of ACTSion and it was fun.  As I studied I tried to put myself in the mindset of one of the disciples.  How would I have felt at that time?  When Jesus said to wait?  When he vanished into the heavens after giving us the Great Commission and saying he would be with us?  Until the end of the ages?  And be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria?  I imagine they thought they wouldn’t make very good witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea because of all the political pressure following Jesus’ crucifixion. They probably wondered how in the world they could be good witnesses in Samaria.  It isn’t like Jews and Samaritans are in a great relationship after all.  Why would they listen to us?

Setting aside that you have the Bible and know how things go, what would your thoughts have been?  Would you have gladly gone back to Jerusalem and just hang out waiting for the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised?  He didn’t give them much of a timeline other than in a “few days.” Hang out in Jerusalem where Jesus was just crucified…hmmmm…let’s see.  That’s my idea of a vacation!  I can imagine them thinking that they might be next!  And on top of that, as I said Sunday, I am not waiting 30-45 minutes at any restaurant and I really don’t think I could have waited for a few days to get my “special powers.”  If Jesus isn’t with us and we don’t have his mentoring, why wouldn’t I want to go back to something I know and am comfortable with?  Like fishing? 

Things change when they get the Holy Spirit though.  Jesus told them in John 14 that he was going to leave them but he wouldn’t leave them as orphans.  The Holy Spirit will come and the Spirit will teach you and remind you of all that I have said.  In John 16 Jesus tells the disciples the Spirit will teach them all truth.  It’s coming!  Wait for it…wait.  And when they wait and then the spirit comes, the world begins to turn upside down (Acts 17:6)   From the moment they returned to Jerusalem after the angels said “snap to it,” we are told they met together constantly in prayer. 

Are you doing that?  Are you constantly in prayer?  Are you a member of a small group that you  can pray with?  We aren’t going anywhere without two things.  The first is prayer.  The second is the Holy Spirit.  Once we get that down, you will feel more emboldened to hand out the witness cards I gave you!  No “ifs, ands, or…buts!”  (That last line will make more sense on Sunday!)

I handed out one card yesterday at lunch?  How about you?

P.R.  (Be sure to check out Les’ email for all the activities!)