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Women Empowering Women Through AMOS’s Community Mothers Program

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Making a Commitment to Serve

By Christy Lafferty, AMOS Communications Team

Yadira and Yobeyda are two of the 10 women that participated last month in a training for volunteer mothers in the very remote community of El Cedro, RAAS. Both of them are single mothers with several children, and when the three-day training started, “they seemed very shy and didn’t really want to open up,” observed Dr. Laura Parajón, who helped facilitate that training.

But as the training went on, a transformation in these women started to occur.

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Returning Brings Rewards

By Susan Dale, Delegation Member

It was pitch dark when I arrived in Tapasle with a delegation from West Virginia in May of 2001. Our goal was building a new medical clinic.
Thirteen years later, in 2014, I returned to Tapasle at midday with an entirely different delegation from West Virginia. At the welcoming celebration, I recognized the faces of Salvador Lopez  and Valentino, two respected leaders I had met in 2001. In short time, I saw these men in action as they showed their continued perseverance and faith in God and in the people of Tapasle.

It is rewarding to return this year to be a part of a team who painted the clinic, built a new latrine next to it, restored the clinic’s electricity, and established the plumbing for a hand washing station.

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