A Sample Schedule Of Trip

A Sample Schedule

The singularly most important thing to know about taking part on a trip such as this is that everyone needs to be flexible.  As unexpected things pop up, a day’s schedule can change at a moment’s notice. Being flexible will help everyone enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Most trips to Nicaragua through AMOS Health and Hope pretty much fall into this general schedule.

DAY 1 – Friday

Depart the U.S.A. and arrive at Managua, Nicaragua. Met at airport in Nicaragua and travel from Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport to AMOS Health and Hope facilities on other side of Managua; arrival here is normally between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.  There is often a light snack available and then preparations to turn in for a night’s sleep.

DAY 2 – Saturday

The emphasis on this first full day in Nicaragua is a period of orientation.  This will provide an opportunity to learn about Nicaraguan culture, history and the work of AMOS Health and Hope.  If time allows a quick tour of Managua may occur.  A period of evening reflections will normally begin on this evening.

DAY 3 – Sunday

Morning worship will be observed with First Baptist Church, Managua.  Following lunch most teams will have an opportunity to meet ABC-USA missionaries Dr. David and Dr. Laura Parajón and learn about their work in Nicaragua.  The remainder of the day will be spent in preparation for departure to the rural community the team will be working in and some time for relaxation.  A period of evening reflections will be observed.

DAY 4 – Monday

Most teams will depart Managua around 7:00 AM and arrive in the rural community where they will serve around noon.  In the community the team will meet the local health promoter, members of the local health committee and also many members of the community.  Having guest from so far away is no small event for the people of the community and you can expect a good turn-out of the people who live there.

The team will have time to settle into the school, church or house where the team will sleep while in the community.  A period of evening reflections will be observed.

DAY 5 – Tuesday

The work project will begin.  A period of evening reflections will be observed.

DAY 6 – Wednesday

The work project will continue.  Other items may fall into the schedule if the team plans to do a VBS or if the local community invites the team to participate in worship with them.  A period of evening reflections will be observed.

DAY 7 – Thursday

Pretty much the same as DAY 6 activities.

DAY 8 – Friday

Depending upon distance from Managua, may work in the morning or may not.  The team will pack up their items and load everything back onto the truck to return to Managua.  A period of farewell will be spent with the local community before departure.  A period of evening reflections will be observed.

DAY 9 – Saturday

Fun day!  Much of what occurs on this day will be determined by the wishes of our team of volunteers.  This day always includes a trip to a market to purchase souvenirs.  This day could include a visit to a national park with a live volcano or a visit to Lake Nicaragua for a boat ride.  We could visit the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, the oldest continually existing city in the western hemisphere.  We could also visit a city like San Juan Del Sur, a peaceful and beautiful city located in a natural bay on the Pacific coast.  We can also plan to have lunch and/or dinner at one of the nicer restaurants in Nicaragua.  (NOTE:  Many of these options are beyond the registration cost to visit AMOS Health and Hope and therefore will include expense beyond that amount.)

DAY 10 – Sunday

Wake up early and ride back to Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport to catch our flight home.  Most teams are able to book flights that will return them to Wichita by late afternoon.