August 24, 1456

The printing of the famed Gutenberg Bible was completed by printer and inventor Johannes Gutenberg.  It was the first complete book to be printed using movable type.

August 24, 410

Visigoth King Alari and his armies ransacked the city of Rome in retaliation for Rome’s refusal to grant the Goths the land on which they wanted to settle in modern Hungary.  The event disillusioned both the Christians and pagans who believed Rome’s piety...

August 11, 1859

Birth of Katherine Lee Bates, U.S. English teacher, in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  She was the daughter and granddaughter of Congregational ministers.  Katherine authored more than 20 books, but is remembered for authoring the Christian hymn of patriotism: “O...

May 3, 1675

A Massachusetts law was enacted requiring that church doors be locked during the worship service – too many people were leaving before the long sermon was completed.

March 2, 1791

  Death of John Wesley (b.1703), English-born founder of Methodism.  Ordained an Anglican priest in 1728, he and his brother Charles soon developed methodical procedures for worship, Bible study and prayer.  Dubbed “Methodies” by early critics, John...